Menstrual health education is a priority for girls in Lebanon’s refugee camps – Lebanon

Anera’s awareness program helps girls better manage their own health needs Lebanon is experiencing a public health crisis that has resulted in shortages of medicines and medical supplies. Although many do not consider menstrual health to be a priority, the high cost of proper menstrual hygiene products and lack of education about menstruation is a … Read more

For 50 years, Title IX has transformed the education of girls and women. The work is not done yet

Opinions on Title IX differ widely by gender and party, especially when it comes to the impact of Title IX on sports. Lisa Napper, a Howard University student leader who co-produced a documentary about the experiences of Black women survivors of sexual assault on campus, speaks at the White House on Jan. 19, 2016, with … Read more

Girls raised by Jewish parents are more likely to graduate from college

A new sociology study has found that girls raised by Jewish parents are 23 percentage points more likely to graduate from college than girls with a non-Jewish education, even after accounting for their parents’ socioeconomic status. Girls raised by Jewish parents also graduate from more selective colleges, according to the study. Researchers from Cornell, Tulane … Read more

‘Golden Girls’ shows little age at inaugural fan convention

CHICAGO (AP) — Science fiction or comics TV shows tend to inspire fan conventions, not a sitcom about four elderly women living together in Florida. But sisters Hillary Wasicek, 37, and Melissa Gluck, 43, made the decision this weekend. inaugural convention “The Golden Girls” at Chicago’s Navy Pier from heart. Both women, who flew in … Read more

Opinion: Shut out of classrooms, Afghan girls are clamping down

Publisher’s note: Frog Wazhma she is a member of the Afghan Women’s Network and heads the Women and Peace Studies Organization in Kabul, which produced a 2015 peace and reconciliation proposal based on the work of more than 200 women peacebuilders. She has been part of the Ministries of Defense and Interior, as well as … Read more

Nike Think Tank: Nike launches organization to increase girls’ access to sport

get complete details of Nike Think Tank: Nike launches organization to increase girls’ access to sport from here, checkout more details. Girls have traditionally faced many more barriers than boys when it comes to sports participation. Lack of access, cost and declining quality of experience are just some of the factors that contribute to many … Read more

Two Afghan women arrested over girls’ education protests

Two women have been detained and questioned by the Taliban this week after taking part in a protest against the group’s decision to ban girls from attending school. Girls in Afghanistan arrived at the school gates on March 23, only to be told to go home. [Getty] The Taliban have detained and questioned at least … Read more

Girls That Invest: A chart-topping South Asian duo is inspiring women to take charge of their finances

Among jargon-savvy money experts, a common refrain about women and investing is that women tend to be risk averse. But the reality seems closer to the fact that women are not properly advised or educated about what risks to take, which is what gives rise to a conservative financial perspective. “The media about money just … Read more

Soroptimists of Palm Desert empower girls through reading

Palm Desert Soroptimist International held a ribbon cutting ceremony on March 29 at Sea View Elementary in Salton City. As part of the organization “Adopted Classroom” Project, the Soroptimists donated 124 books to launch a new “Empowering Girls” section in the school library. The books are full of stories and wisdom that motivate young women … Read more

“This is a joke?” Meet TikTok’s ‘Unhinged Fashion Girls’ | Fashion

checkout complete detailed article on “This is a joke?” Meet TikTok’s ‘Unhinged Fashion Girls’ | As we enter a post-pandemic world, two aesthetics are starting to dominate the fashion scene: the ‘that girl’ and the ‘unhinged fashion girl’. Both are refreshing, both are distinctive, and both exist at either end of the extreme. That Girl’s … Read more

Protein intake helps improve height in girls

Protein increases height growth in girls. Just seven grams above the daily protein intake recommendation can increase height by one centimeter. Quite a few youngsters would like to increase their height. However, a study by nutritionists at the University of Bonn shows that they do not benefit from higher protein intake in terms of their … Read more

Pennsylvania Republican Lawmakers Push Bill Banning Transgender Girls From Participating in Women’s Sports – CBS Pittsburgh

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP/KDKA) — A Republican proposal to prevent transgender girls from competing in girls’ school sports passed the Pennsylvania House Education Committee Tuesday, despite Democratic opposition. The 15-9 party-line vote advanced the “Save Women’s Sports Act” bill so it can be considered by the Republican-majority chamber. It would restrict players to male or female … Read more

President Menendez urges the UN to prioritize the needs of Ukrainian women and girls and address growing concerns about widespread sexual violence

know about President Menendez urges the UN to prioritize the needs of Ukrainian women and girls and address growing concerns about widespread sexual violence in details 07 April 2022 “The United Nations response so far has been insufficient to address these concerns. This is creating significant gaps in the protection of women, children and other … Read more

one woman’s fight to educate Afghan girls | best countries

On March 23, Afghan high school girls walked into classrooms for the first time in eight months, loaded with books, supplies and hope for the new school year. Just a few hours after morning, they were sent home after the Taliban abruptly decided to renege on their promise to reopen schools for girls above sixth … Read more

Creating a New Future: Girls’ and Women’s Education in Afghanistan

World Food Program USA Posted on March 8, 2022 This International Women’s Day, the US World Food Program is proud to announce three new recipients of the Catherine Bertini Girls’ Education Trust Fund: Lamia Afghan Foundation, Razia’ Ray of Hope Foundation and School of Leadership Afghanistan. Hunger disproportionately affects women and girls: they make up … Read more

Kentucky Governor Vetoes Ban on Sports for Transgender Girls

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) — The Democratic governor of Kentucky on Wednesday vetoed a bill that would bar transgender girls and women from participating in gender-matched school sports from sixth grade through college. In his veto message, Gov. Andy Beshear said the Republican-backed measure “very likely” violates equal protection rights in the US Constitution because it … Read more