Passions: The Queen and us

“British royalty is the symbolic face of Britain, not India” by Onir Onir says that before the British colonized India, women did not change their surnames after marriage. India suffers from a huge colonial hangover. We are obsessed with fair skin. We get excited about the Oscars. The women follow western standards of beauty. All … Read more

Black Catholic Nuns: A Compelling Story Long Overlooked

Placeholder while article actions load Even as a young adult, Shannen Dee Williams, who grew up black and Catholic in Memphis, Tennessee, knew only one black nun, and a fake one: Sister Mary Clarence, played by Whoopi Goldberg in the comedy film “Sister Acting.” After 14 years of dogged research, Williams, a history professor at … Read more

Naples becomes a mecca for CEOs taking control of their health

A Blue Zone Project, Naples consistently appears in the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, based on residents’ opinions of health, financial security, along with a sense of purpose and belonging. The healthy lifestyle, coupled with the area’s stunning beaches, incredible array of world-class restaurants, and cultural offerings have long been a magnet for wealthy Americans. And now, … Read more

In downtown Miami, this mom and daughter discover a cool urban scene they both love

Downtown Miami | Photo: Dany Lehman/Getty Images Like many working moms burned out from spending too much time at home, I began daydreaming that I was actually by the pool, as my fake Zoom background showed me I was in back-to-back meetings. Both my 12-year-old son and I wanted to break free from our bubble … Read more

How hospitality is revolutionizing the travel lifestyle

Ennismore Ennismore In 2020, during the height of the pandemic, French hospitality leader Accor announced the establishment of a new lifestyle entity called Ennismore, an innovative global collective of founder-created and entrepreneurial brands to create a new kind of lifestyle. hospitality experience for guests. a new Ennismore Partnership Studio will focus on brand growth and … Read more

Inside Mario Falcone’s fiancee Becky’s bachelorette party while traveling to Paris with friends

Mario Falcone’s fiancee, Becky Miesner, has traveled to Paris with a selection of her closest friends and family to celebrate her bachelorette party. The 33-year-old salon owner from Essex, who was forced to postpone her wedding twice due to the pandemic, has been documenting the milestone on Instagram, where she has given her 131,000 followers … Read more

An adult ballet class freed me from my body image issues.

Ever since I had the kids, I’ve gotten older and out of shape, wary of my scars, lost faith in my body’s ability, I’ve gotten used to being underestimated, and myself. But looking at these middle-aged women in their serious ballet uniforms, I suddenly feel like I’m in the right place. They, like me, want … Read more

Real Madrid found its true value in the race for the LaLiga title

Soccer Football – LaLiga – Real Madrid v Espanyol – Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid, Spain – April 30, 2022 Real Madrid’s Luka Modric celebrates with the trophy after winning LaLiga REUTERS/Susana Vera Sign up now for FREE unlimited access to Registry MADRID, April 30 (Reuters) – Real Madrid ended up winning the 2021-22 LaLiga title … Read more

Emer O’Neill: ‘I’ve had my fair share of online abuse

In Ireland, more than half of the girls who play sports leave the sport by the age of 14. There are multiple reasons behind this dismal statistic, and Emer O’Neill is on a mission to find out why. The Irish TV presenter, physical education teacher and international basketball star has a new show from RTÉ2 … Read more

Vir Sanghvi’s Rude Food: In Praise of Onions

Whenever people asked me what my favorite vegetable was, I answered without the slightest hesitation. “The potato, of course”, I would say. This would usually lead to boring, preachy lectures about how the potato isn’t really a vegetable at all. She is, in fact, a starch, they would tell me reprovingly. (Yes. And technically, the … Read more

New Australia boss Chesterman to seek more public funding

Ian Chesterman, Australia’s chief of mission for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, listens to a question during a news conference in Sydney, Australia, August 24, 2017. REUTERS/David Gray Sign up now for FREE unlimited access to Registry MELBOURNE, April 30 (Reuters) – New Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) chief Ian Chesterman will seek more funding from … Read more

HRT is not a ‘lifestyle drug’. For women like me, this shortage in the UK is a disaster | Carolina Noks

DDescribing hormone replacement therapy (HRT) as “lifestyle medicine” is ignorant, misinformed, and hugely depressing for all the women who depend on it. But that’s how some have responded to the current crisis in supply, suggesting that women like me who use HRT should “just get on with it.” Britain is experiencing a severe shortage of … Read more

Ukrainian women denounce rape by Russian soldiers in the middle of the war

Placeholder while article actions load Earlier this month, a Ukrainian woman told Human Rights Watch that a Russian soldier raped her while she was seeking refuge with other women and children at the local school. He took her to a classroom, she said. Afterwards, she was cold, so she asked if she could get dressed … Read more