Connecticut seeks to expand abortion rights in response to out-of-state restrictions

know about Connecticut seeks to expand abortion rights in response to out-of-state restrictions in details Connecticut lawmakers have approved a bill that would expand the types of medical professionals who can provide abortion services in the state and protect residents from facing penalties under other states’ anti-abortion laws. The legislation is in part a response … Read more

They present a bill to eliminate restrictions on the breed of dogs in public housing

RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Animal advocacy groups are defending legislation on the table in Congress that would prohibit the exclusion of animals based on their breed in public housing. Three arrested for stealing $2 million in private city property The Pets Belong with Families Act was introduced in the House of Representatives in … Read more

I married my cat to get around my landlord’s pet restrictions

It was an impossible opportunity to get. Deborah Hodge recently married her cat, India, in a loophole scheme to avoid rental restrictions, which have prevented Hodge from bringing animals into the unit. Fed up, the 49-year-old London woman came up with a plan to marry her cat after relocating three previous pets due to owners … Read more

How student leaders navigate rules and restrictions // The Observer

know about How student leaders navigate rules and restrictions // The Observer in details Editor’s Note: This is the second story in a Serie examining how student groups function as part of the larger Notre Dame community. The first objective of the University, described in the du Lac student guide, is “To ensure that our … Read more

Blood donation restrictions for gay and bisexual men under fire

PHOENIX – Advocates are pressing the Food and Drug Administration to allow gay and bisexual men to donate blood as the country continues to grapple with one of its worst blood shortages to date. When Johnny Martin, a voting rights organizer for the Arizona Faith Network, was 17 years old and old enough to give … Read more

Bangladesh: new restrictions on Rohingya camps

(New York) – In recent months, Bangladeshi authorities have tightened restrictions on the livelihoods, movement, and education of Rohingya refugees, Human Rights Watch said today. Officials have arbitrarily destroyed thousands of tents while imposing new obstacles to travel within the camps in Cox’s Bazar, denying Rohingya the ability to live freely and independently. Bangladeshi authorities … Read more

How Former Californians Are Responding to ‘Don’t Say Gay’ and Other LGBTQ Restrictions

A series of controversial bills in Texas and Florida that opponents say discriminate against LGBTQ people and infringe on abortion rights is drawing a mixed response from some of the states’ biggest employers: major tech companies and entrepreneurs, many of which moved their headquarters out of California. to the states Despite the ostensibly liberal spirit … Read more

Erosion of reproductive rights with 28 abortion restrictions signed in 4 days: Report

This includes a near total ban in Oklahoma, according to the Guttmacher Institute. April 30, 2021, 5:30 p.m. • 4 minutes of reading Share on FacebookShare on TwitterEmail this article Twenty-eight restrictions on abortion became law in seven states between April 26 and 29, according to a new reportmarking an especially hostile week for abortion … Read more

Nestlé will stop selling pet food, coffee and KitKat in Russia

Nestle FOR NSRGY -1.28% is to significantly reduce what it sells in Russia, suspending production of pet food, coffee and candy, a move that comes after the KitKat maker has faced pressure from politicians, employees and consumers for its continued presence in the country. . The Swiss packaged food giant said on Wednesday it will … Read more

SBJ Unpacks: NFL loosens crypto restrictions

Tonight at Unpacks: NFL teams will now be able to partner with cryptocurrency exchanges. SBJ Unveils 2022 Champion Class of Honorees Heat leans towards Miami’s new branding as crypto capital F1 targets November 2023 for Las Vegas race Analysts impressed with Nike’s third quarter numbers MiLB partners with Satisfi Labs in an AI-powered chat solution … Read more