The problem of the haves against the have-nots will not go away without doing this.

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13 Eating Habits That Drastically Change Your Weight Loss Efforts, Dietitians Say: Eat This, Not That

When it comes to losing weight, you want to focus on maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle, not just drastically losing weight. Weight loss can be achieved in many different ways, including exercise or practicing self-care. Your eating and drinking habits can also affect your weight, and it’s important to keep up with your practices. … Read more

One of the main effects of eating papaya, says a dietitian: eat this, not that

Did you know that the different parts of your body are constantly in communication with each other to protect you as a whole? For example, when you have an injury or illness, your body communicates by sending healing cells to the injury. This is known as acute inflammation. However, acute inflammation can be complicated when … Read more

Surprising effects of eating prunes, dietician says: Eat this, not that

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5 Diet Secrets for Belly Fat That Really Work, Dietitians Say: Eat This, Not That

While there is nothing wrong with having a little body fat, having a certain type of abdominal fat known as visceral fat can be dangerous to your health for a number of reasons. “First, it is transported to the front of the body, where it creates significant stress on the heart and other vital organs. … Read more

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Accelerate Belly Fat Loss After 40: Eat This, Not That

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The #1 Best Eating Habit for Your Brain, Says Science: Eat This, Not That

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Losing weight and reducing excess abdominal fat can be a long and exhausting process to see results. But finding a diet that keeps you full and satisfied, while also helping you shed a few extra pounds, sounds like the perfect starting point for long-term changes. Including more protein in your diet can promote weight loss … Read more

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