The Making of Maxx Crosby’s Ultimate Deal

Funny thing is, NFL agent CJ LaBoy wasn’t even looking to recruit defensive ends maxx crosbybut everything changed when he saw it for the first time. LaBoy, co-director of WassermannThe NFL’s player division was watching video and looking for players at the University of Kentucky in the fall of 2017 when a player from the … Read more

Spring 2022 Fashion Trends: Vogue’s Ultimate Buying Guide

The sun is out, hemlines are rising, and bright, bold colors rule the streets. It can only mean one thing: the spring 2022 fashion trends are finally here. Time to pack up gray knitwear and put away those fleece pants: the clothes that will see you through the spring 2022 season have an upbeat, offbeat … Read more

Mother’s Ultimate Guilt Is Real: Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson and Motherhood

The struggles of working motherhood in a society that is not built to support mothers have been documented over and over again. But, in many ways, what Ketanji Brown Jackson expressed during his hearings is unique to black women. Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson on March 22, the second day of Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings … Read more